Risk Profile Questionnaire

Your Financial Risk Profile Questionnaire

The results of this risk profile questionnaire help your financial adviser to better understand you and make recommendations that are the right ‘fit’ for you. We recommend you discuss your risk tolerance profile with your financial adviser and find out how your risk tolerance fits with your asset structure.

In the questionnaire, you are asked about your attitudes, values and experiences. There are no right or wrong answers – it is more like having your pulse or blood pressure measured.

How the Questionnaire Works

The questionnaire is a series of easy to complete multiple-choice questions. Like all multiple-choice questionnaires, sometimes none of the answers will match exactly what you want to say. When that happens, choose the answer that is closest or ‘best fit’ to your response.

Similarly, give your ‘best fit’ answer for questions that ask about a situation that isn’t relevant to you, or in situations where you would normally seek further information. Remember – there are no right or wrong answers.

General Advice Warning

This document is general in nature and does not consider your particular circumstances. You should seek advice from Boutique Advisers before making any decisions that could impact your financial future.

Download the Risk Profile Questionnaire HERE