Debt Planning

Financial Advice for your Debt

Debt is a major part of most people’s lives, so having a financial adviser help you with your planning and the structure is an important aspect of managing money.

In our view, banks and lending institutions provide a commodity which is debt. Having a financial adviser working with you to help instigate a review of your facilities direct with the lending institutions or with a finance broker will allow you to get the best value to you whilst ensuring the debt strategy is appropriate.

At Boutique our Financial advisers view that your debt and the impact on your Life Plan modelling is first and foremost. The impact of interest rates and the risk associated with the debt that may impact your personal and family life always needs to be closely monitored. Questions that we always want to understand are.

  • Use of Debt being for personal and Investment purposes
  • The different types of debt instruments being used to ensure appropriate
  • Impact on tax position and ability to garner legitimate tax deductions.
  • The use and the impact of personal and business guarantees across debt, and
  • The impact of this debt on personal assets such as the family home
  • The effective interest rate and the impact on future planning based on market rate rises.
  • Impact of the capital repayment to the household and the time to pay back the debt.
  • Understanding the impact of the debt in the event of any un-planned events and ensuring there is an exit strategy.
  • The use of Insurance within any debt plan if there are not enough liquid assets to back up.

All these factors we want to understand and use this in our Life Plan Modelling to ensure you are on track.

At Boutique, our Financial Advisers have partnered with the very best specialists that will work with you to get the best outcome for your personal circumstances. Every lender is different and having access to all the major banks and the second-tier lender means we can help ensure the solution best aligns with the outcome you and your family want.

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