Debt Structure And Planning

Personal and Business Debt Management

Debt is a major part of most people’s lives so planning the impact and the structure is an important aspect of managing money. In our review banks and lending institutions provide a commodity being debt, so a third party regularly reviewing these can create great value and opportunity.

Personal Debt

Housing and Personal Investment loans can have a great impact on your family finances. At Boutique we have a specialist finance team that will work with you and your adviser to get the best outcome for your personal circumstances. Every lender is different and having access to all the major banks and the second tier lender means we can advise the solution that is best for you from a loan structure through to the best interest rates both variable and fixed.

Business Debt

Cash Flow in business is the driver for profit and business growth. Business Debt if structured correctly can aid both these and is an integral part to many small to medium businesses operating in Australia today. Careful planning however is important as debt can strangle a business, and if not managed and structured correctly can have the opposite affect a business owner wants. Banks don’t offer easily better terms and reduced rates so get our specialist Boutique Finance adviser to review for you regularly.