Investment Planning

Evidence-based Investing

Our business is not about picking the next winner as we all know this cannot be done consistently and without taking undue risk. Our process draws on evidence-based investing and a focus on asset class weightings in line with your needs and goals.

Our Investment committee uses the latest independent research, accesses the best investment teams on our changing world and draws on the immense experience in our own advice team to manage your investment portfolio with dedication and patience.

Tactical Asset Allocation Adjustments

While we strive to maintain a long-term, strategic investment focus, we along with our external independent research teams continually assess market conditions based on their research process and a disciplined review of each asset class.

Fundamental analysis may include, but is not limited to, an assessment of elements such as economic and interest rate trends, anticipated Central Bank policy decisions, currency swings and the direction of earnings growth. Individual security fundamental analysis includes, among other things, evaluating strength of company management, sustainable competitive advantage, or direction of earnings estimates.
Our research teams assess the valuation of asset classes and individual securities to help ensure we are not overpaying for the fundamentals.

In addition to fundamentals and valuations, we may also conduct technical analysis to track the price trend and prevailing sentiment or psychology about an asset class or security.
By focusing on all three of these components, we can assess whether tactical allocations may be beneficial to client portfolios.

“By focusing on all three of these components, we can assess whether tactical allocations may be beneficial to client portfolios.”

Customised Strategies

Because we know each client situation is unique, we have an open architecture framework with the ability to use both third-party managers and in-house solutions to better serve client needs. Portfolios may be constructed using individual securities, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Managed funds or separately managed accounts (SMA’s). The specific investment products and strategies used are ultimately dependent on a client’s unique needs and circumstances.

We believe the Boutique process gives our advisers the tools required to help meet the individual needs of each client no matter the circumstances.

Evidence based investing

Evidence-based investing is a widely used term that can mean different things to different people. At Boutique Advisers, evidenced-based investing refers to the process of adopting a set of rules to guide the implementation of your investment strategies. These investment rules are supported by long-term empirical evidence and peer-reviewed academic studies.

That is, there’s an overwhelming body of evidence that proves these rules work and, perhaps most importantly, why these rules work. It is important to understand what has driven the returns – not just take the returns on face-value. You only invest when an overwhelming body of evidence exists that demonstrates you will be successful.