Risk Planning And Insurance

Protecting Your Family & Your Business

Protecting your family and your business for those unexpected twists in life is one of the cornerstones of our financial advice process. Risk management can come in many forms, and depending on your personal situation, Insurance can be a cost effective and simple way to overcome or mitigate some of those risks.

Protecting Your Family

Life Insurance – provides your family a lump sum upon death through to your estate or through your superannuation to nominated beneficiaries

TPD – provides you and your family a lump sum when you are classified as Totally and Permanently disabled through sickness or accident.in this instance you won’t be going back to work.

Trauma – known as living insurance, this provides you a lump sum on specified conditions such as heart attacks, Strokes, Cancers.

Income Insurance – this insurance partially replaces your income when you are sick or disabled for a specified time and amount.

Protecting Your Business

Key Person – protecting and insuring the key people in your business makes sense in de-risking your exposure to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control.

Business Expense – Short term insurance to cover your set business overheads such as rent can make sense if you are a smaller operator and you get sick or are injured.

Debt Protection – Protecting your debts and in particular bank debt puts you and your family in control rather than the banks if tragedy strikes

Succession – proper succession planning allows you, on your terms to plan out and build a solution for new equity owners, retirement or if you are just slowing down. In our view your business is the Golden Goose so spending time, with a properly thought out succession and transition plan is well worth the investment.