Wealth Planning

Lifestyle Planning Philosophy

Our Lifestyle Planning philosophy is focused on helping you achieve your life’s goals and to deal with your Wealth with real confidence. Whilst you start out life single and building your experiences and career, you then move into relationships and families that change your focus on life. When kids leave, and your debts are manageable you start your pre-retirement phase of getting everything lined up, before finally hitting retirement phase and living off the fruits of your labour.

Having a plan puts you in control, enabling you to have a good balance at all stages and planning to allocate your resources into the important areas of your life as and when they are needed.

Creating your own Boutique “Base -Line”

Understanding where you are, and where you will be if you keep doing what you are doing, is called the Boutique Base Line. This is the starting point for us to give you your existing Wealth Blueprint on an “as is” basis. Once we understand your unique goals, objectives, risk tolerances and financial constraints we then start working strategically with you to make sure your new Base-line matches your life’s needs.

Working out “How much is enough”

One question we will always ask is – how much is enough? In our view life is around balance and we feel that understanding where you are, and where do you want to get to, is the basis of your financial plan. Having financial goals that articulate the amount of income you need to satisfy your lifestyle, to tick off those bucket list items and deal with life’s unexpected moments takes careful consultative planning.

Boutique’s “Unique Wealth Plan Modelling”

Our advice team at Boutique believes that once we have worked through your lifestyle goals and your financial aspirations for retirement, that we model this out for you visually to give you a clear line on what you need to do to get there. We then work with you periodically and chart you progress against your personalized targets, adjust if required and provide you with guidance.

Modelling is not only about numbers – it gives you the tool to track how you are going in achieving your goals.

Creating your own “Financial Goal Dashboard”

With the help of your Boutique Financial Adviser, we will start with your existing base line, understand your life balance and goals. Model your objectives and provide you with an annual Dashboard as part of your annual review.