Wealth Protection

Protecting Your Family with your Financial Adviser

Protecting your family and your business for those unexpected twists in life is one of the cornerstones of our financial advice process. Risk management can come in many forms, and depending on your personal situation, Insurance can be a cost effective and simple way to overcome or mitigate some of those risks and having a financial adviser to help your through the journey is integral.

Some of the best laid out wealth plans can come unstuck if a key employee or family member is unable to work so protecting the assets that you have built and understanding the risks is important. Insurance is such a specialist area and having access to all insurers to find the right solution is critical.

At Boutique Advisers Private Wealth we have partnered with the very best specialists who can complement our advice delivery for our clients. Through our partnership with MBS Insurance, we are able to provide the full range of Insurance advice for our clients. These include.

Life Insurance – Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment on the death or terminal illness of the insured person.

TPD Insurance – TPD Insurance provides a lump sum benefit in the event of the insured person becoming totally and permanently disabled to such an extent that they are unlikely to ever return to their role.

Trauma Insurance – Trauma (Critical Illness) Insurance will pay a lump sum on diagnosis of a number of medical conditions or injuries listed under the policy.

Income Protection Insurance – An Income Protection Policy will pay you up to 70% of your income if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness for an extended period of time.

Group Life Insurance – A Group Insurance plan provides protection for your employees for the term of their employment or upon the expiry of the policy.

Key Person Insurance – Protecting revenue, debt or personal guarantees. Businesses protect their key people like any other key assets.

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