Evolution Program

Boutique Advisers Private Wealth have built the Financial Advice Evolution Program which provides a pathway for new Financial Planning aspirants in Perth.

We understand that having a great education is important and for those who have graduated from the Finance and Financial Planning double major at Curtin University and want to make the next step where they can learn more, then the Evolution program at Boutique is for you.

We are also open to providing opportunities for those still studying who would like to enter the workplace early whilst they finish their studies, and we do an annual intake of interns that will form part of the final year.

Those people currently working in other professions who wish to further their education and move into Financial Advice are also welcome to enquire with us.

It’s important that new entrants into the industry and our business understand the full client process, therefore we have structured the induction program to cover 12 weeks, split out as below:

Weeks 1 – 4

The first month is spent sitting with our Client Review Manager team who prepare our client’s review reports. You will assist in data collection and paperwork required for client meetings.

Weeks 5 – 8

The second month is spent working with our Client Manager team who are the driving force of our business. You will see first-hand how they deal with the day-to-day needs of our clients.

Weeks 9 – 12

From month 3 you start to sit with our Associate team where there is a heavy focus on the financial modelling and preparation of our visual client facing documents.

Once you are through the 12 weeks, you will then be placed with an Associate as a direct mentor to learn the finer parts of the role that will set you up to be able to sit in client meetings.

What our graduates have to say

"I have been working for Boutique for the since December 2021. It’s been such a big learning experience as there is so much that a degree just can’t teach you. My favourite part of it all is the client interactions and seeing how much value we bring to a client’s life, not just financially, but help them to reach their goals too. Overall, I am really glad I went the extra mile to find a firm like Boutique Advisers as it really has kicked off my career in the best way."

Andrew Pope, Associate

"Completing my ten-week internship was an invaluable experience where I learnt more about the field I was going into and got to meet the amazing team at Boutique, which made my decision to start my career here an easy one!"

Sean Bond, Junior Associate

At Boutique we provide continued education support whilst you learn and grow, provide you a tailored mentorship and practical on the job experience.

It is important to us that we set you up for success and to become the best that you can be.  In support of this we have an Associate Education Policy that provides financial assistance to our Associates as the continue to learn & develop in their role, either to remain as an Associate or progress to an Adviser.

Any enquiries please lodge an enquiry via the link below or phone our office to speak with our General Manager, Belinda Good.