Succession and Estate Planning

Using a Financial Adviser to help you plan and Protect your Family’s Legacy

Financial Planning Advice that encompasses a legacy plan, is an important aspect that underpins any succession and estate planning needs of a Financial Planning client. Through the journey of exploring the Five pillars and the development of your very own Advice Map, a Boutique Financial Adviser can help you develop your own legacy plan through having a clear understanding your legacy needs and the impact on the assets that you and your family have built and have worked hard for.

Personal Legacy

Succession Financial Planners believe that Legacy is more than just Estate Planning, it is about what you want to be remembered for, who you want to help and how is it you best protect what you have built, for the ones that you love. In a world of increasing marital splits and litigation, ensuring family assets retain in the blood lines is becoming such a strong motivation to get good independent financial advice.

Business Legacy

Business interests, although generally pooled under the broader family assets, can at times become a new conversation if there are external shareholders and potentially generational decisions to be made. Under pinning any decisions is the understanding of the business and what it means in the broader context of your family and your wishes. Having business legacy needs may just be around the succession of senior management and leadership, but also can include the dilution or sale of the underlying value of the business interest. First and foremost the planning aspect will allow you to make the right decision about your legacy and the needs of your immediate family and hopefully generations to come.

Boutique Advisers Private Wealth is passionate about making sure your family’s building blocks are in place correctly to make sure your family legacy remains to your wishes and the money ends up in the right hands at the right time.

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Planning and protecting your legacy for your family's future

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