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A Financial Adviser will play an integral part in the facilitation of giving as part of a family’s philanthropic endeavours. The team at Boutique are passionate about supporting philanthropic organisations and charitable organisations around Perth and through Philanthropy Australia, has created a framework in which to understand client needs and opportunities that may arise.

As Financial Advisers, we acknowledge the importance of understanding why people give.

Passion – This is the strongest reason why donors give. They support causes that they identify with and are committed to and this is high on the list when discussing a client’s purpose.

Legacy – This is the desire to continue the family name or perpetuate a particular cause or passion. Planning and protecting your legacy is one of the cornerstones of financial advice.

Responsibility of Wealth – a great way to address significant intergenerational wealth transfer and to engage the younger generation.

Sense of Duty – this is all about wanting to give back as they may feel they are in a more privileged position and that they have an innate need to support others.

Community – this comes from a sense of desire to strengthen the local community.

Tax minimisation or a liquidity event – mainly from inheritances, sale of properties or a business sale that may incur a large capital gain which may not be palatable.

Changes in personal circumstances – predominantly re-thinking of life or significant life events that may occur. Deaths in the family, marriages, divorces and family births are high on the list.

Boutique Philanthropic Fund

There are many ways that giving can occur, but getting professional advice and guidance from a Financial Adviser can make the journey so much easier.

Gary Hasler, our Managing Director, was Chairman of the Fremantle Foundation for 10 years and through this involvement, the Hasler Family Fund and now the Boutique Advisers Philanthropic Fund are set up under the Fremantle Foundation framework. This includes the support of Impact100 which is now in its 11th year of giving.

Through a nomination process, staff volunteered to sit on the committee to help build the giving strategy for the Boutique business. The group has equal representation from Management, Financial Advisers, Associates, and Client Managers to ensure all our voices are heard.

We understand that you can’t give to everyone, so the team developed themes that we believe in and that we can have impact on.  Through a nominal “entry fee” to our monthly Morning Teas; where we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other achievements for our team, through to our staff Volunteer Days, our team is certainly involved and passionate about giving back.

The team all nominated and then voted to come up with four themes that we will support.

Our four giving themes are:

Community – We aim to support local communities whereby we can make a positive impact in areas that have historically been a challenge. As an example this can include homelessness, emergency care and family support.

Health & Wellbeing – We would love to be able to support local organisations that are doing wonderful things to help those in our community struggling due to personal health or illness or a relative’s ill health. Support post the illness is also something we acknowledge has a need.

Financial Literacy – This is close to our heart and supporting children, young & old to help themselves make better financial decisions is important to us. We also know that adults with changes to circumstances also need to learn to better manage themselves financially. And finally helping with education & training opportunities within our industry will assist in providing better advice for our kids.

The Next Generation – Supporting the next generation should not all be about money. Growing up and having the opportunities to be able to play grass roots sports & having the equipment to enjoy is important. Examples of what we are supporting is to include providing equipment to a remote communities, local community club support due to hardship, after school care programs for disadvantaged children

We have many great initiatives planned and look forward to continuing our support of the community and those in need of our help. Contact Boutique or your Financial Adviser to learn more.

Community Partners

Fremantle Foundation

The Fremantle Foundation, through the generosity of their donors, has been helping support and strengthen the Fremantle and broader WA community since 2010.

Gary Hasler was the Chairman of the Foundation in the early years but since stepping down, the Foundation has continued to flourish and take big steps in the community. Dylan Smith from Philanthropy Australia was the founding Executive Officer of the Foundation and through his tireless work, set the foundations for success.

The Foundation as a community organisation prides itself on working with their donors and supporters closely. Their aim is to build a community endowment that provides grants to local and grassroots charities to help tackle the current and future needs of the community. The support spreads across WA so the impact is felt far beyond the Fremantle region.


One of the projects for Dylan and his board was the setup of Impact100 Fremantle which aims to provide non-profit organisations with grants in increments of a least $100,000 across five broad Focus Areas:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Family and Community

Former winners of this grant include Circus WA, Homeless Healthcare, PCYC and Australian Dental Health Foundation

North Fremantle Football Club

Boutique Advisers Private Wealth are proud to be supporting Men’s & Women’s community football as North Fremantle Football Club’s major sponsor in 2023. North Fremantle field 4 senior sides, 2 Colts and 2 Women’s sides and are an important part of the community fabric.

Dandelions WA

For the remainder of 2023 & into 2024 the Boutique Philanthropic Fund will be working with and supporting Dandelions WA.


Whether it’s through their thoughtfully crafted “Kindness Kits,” tailored with essential toiletries, clothing, and extras relevant to gender and age, or by fulfilling specific wishes from communities, families, individuals, or partner agencies, Dandelions WA strive to make a difference.

From assisting remote agencies in acquiring baby baths and towels to supporting neighborhoods impacted by fires or droughts in their recovery, from collaborating with the WA Police to aid victims of family and domestic violence to providing Back to School backpacks for WA school students, Dandelions WA stands as a beacon of hope. With the unwavering support, compassion, and generosity of the incredible WA community, they are dedicated to spreading kindness and cultivating a sense of optimism.

Behind Dandelions WA, there is a team of volunteers who are the driving force behind their mission. They contribute their time and effort wholeheartedly, without any financial compensation. All administrative costs are covered through specific fundraising events, ensuring that every dollar goes directly towards fulfilling our purpose. Thanks to the remarkable dedication of our volunteers and the overwhelming support of the WA community, they have achieved more than they could have ever imagined in just two years since their inception. And they will never cease their endeavors to fulfill their purpose, continuously striving to make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve.

Fremantle Foundation logo
Impact100 logo
Dandelions WA logo
Dandelions WA logo

Dandelions WA are currently running their Back to School fundraising to provide WA kids in need with a backpack complete with new stationery items, a lunch box, water bottle, hat & toiletries.

We will be running a fundraising campaign during November & December for toiletry bag contents and scientific calculators to support them in their fundraising efforts. Full details will be circulated to our clients on how they can donate.

Charitable Donations

Our staff elect charities to to either raise awareness of or spend time with using their Volunteer Days.  Some of these are a great way to raise awareness and also have some fun, like Movember.  There are just some of the charities we have chosen to support over the last 2 years.