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Financial Advice for those one-off life changing events

For you and your family, the sudden impact of having a lump sum of money coming into your life can affect you in ways you are not used to. It can come from all sources, some that make us happy and others that come from places we don’t want or sometime expect.

For those who have worked hard for many years know that generally money isn’t made overnight, so when it does come in, it is a one-off opportunity that you want to make the right decision on. Sometimes there may be life-changing events that also mean you have a one-off lump sum to deal with. Making that right and confident life decision for you and your family becomes critical.

At Boutique, our Financial Advisers understand the emotional aspect of inheriting or receiving a large sum of money. These times can be an exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very emotional and overwhelming.

Examples of clients inheritance financial advisors work with that have required advice include,

  • Those who have received a family inheritance,
  • Have sold a family business.
  • Lotto winners through lotterywest
  • Going through a marital split and not sure next steps
  • Split up of family farm and in need of advice
  • Childrens Disability trusts to make sure they will be okay in the future
  • Work Injury payment or settlement
  • Death or a TPD payment that needs to help the family

Our Independent Advisers are used to dealing with clients in these circumstances and will work with you and invest the time to get the very best outcome for you and your family in times of uncertainty.

We also welcome working with other professionals to ensure we get the best outcome for our mutual clients. Our collaborative approach assists in giving our clients the clarity to make Confident Life Decisions about their wealth.

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